Puppy Play Pens & Safety Gates

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Puppy Dog Safety Gates And Pens
Puppies are inquisitive things and very loving and adorable but they have no patience and want to be under your feet all the time playing. That’s when a puppy play pen or a safety gate is so useful.

Puppy Play Pens & Safety Gates


Having your dog running around the kitchen is fine but what do you do when your cooking or working in an area where it could be dangerous for your puppy?

Do you just shut your puppy in another room?

If you do, they will probably just bark continuously and will become more anxious – especially if they can smell food cooking or hear you talking to someone else.

More Details of this puppy playpen here.



puppy safety gateThese puppy gates, or baby gates, are very useful in hot weather to keep your door open but your puppy stays inside, an ideal solution if your having some serious gardening done.

The best way to have your puppy safe is to you a puppy gate or a pen. Now your puppy can see and hear you while you cook or work at home.

There are different puppy gates and pens to choose from – Click Here

Lindam puppy gates are similar to Lindam baby gates, both are made from the same company but the difference is the puppy gates are made with extra height. These Lindam puppy gates are easy to assemble and can fit on internal or external doors or by staircases.

For the safety of your dog it is best to remove its collar as it can get caught in a gate or play pen.

The training puppy gate can be extended and is made of steel with a two way opening and is suitable to fix onto any sound and secure surface. Your puppy will be able to see and hear you but can be kept out of harms way.


Fabric Play PenEasy fit dog control gate this is made from strong steel and has a two way opening system. There are extra extensions available separately and this dog control gate is pressure mounted.

Metal extending outdoor puppy gate this is for outdoor use with a push-to-shut opening and a double locking mechanism. There is no step over bar and the fixing kit is supplied.

Details of Fabric Pet Play Pen Here (left).



Puppy pen and room divider can be used as a six panel room divider and safety gate. An excellent puppy pen for protecting your puppy against any potential hazards.

You can obtain almost any shape with the six panels which is made up of vertical bars. Included is a durable base which is padded and water resistant. This whole unit folds flat for easy storage.

The Royale Converta play pen system can be used in a number of different ways for reducing risks in the home.

You can use it as a play-pen, a fire place guard or as a room divider too.

A very useful walk through gate, with a prop-open feature allows your dog to hop in and out rather than have to bend and pick up your pet.

You can use whatever sections of the playpen you wish, depending on its use

.A sturdy metal construction but has been made to be portable for folding away and easy storage.   Full Details Here