Welcome to Puppy Dog where you’ll find lots of ideas and tips about Puppy Dog Training and caring fo your puppy or dog.

Owning and caring for a puppy or dog can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. The more time and effort you put into looking after your best friend, the more you and your puppy or dog will receive.


Dog Training Tips

However, things don’t always go according to plan and your puppy or dog doesn’t behave has expected!

When this happens it’s a good idea to get professional help from an online dog trainer and stop the problem getting worse.


K9 Dog Training


Training and Grooming

Perhaps the first most important lesson for puppy dog training it to do its toilet in the right place. More on puppy toilet training.

Tips how to groom your puppy and how to manage some of the difficulties that may arise.

Does your dog suffer with itchy skin, scratch a lot or have a poor coat? If so, read more about how to treat dog skin problems and skin soothe and shine.

Also, advice on how to take your pet on holiday with the least amount of hassle. Anyone who takes their dog on holiday will know how difficult that can be at times! There is information about where to book dog friendly holidays to save you time searching.

Advice on choosing best dog beds and get the right one for your dog, after all, it is where we all spend quite a bit of time!

Your puppy is easiest or least expensive to insure because of its young age. However, if you own an older dog,  some insurers won’t take on dogs over a certain age but there are other ways to cover the cost of vets bills with self insurance for pets

So whatever breed or size your dog is, we hope you’ll find this website both interesting and helpful.

There are such a lot of pet products for sale these days that it would be very easy to spend a small fortune on your dog. However, it’s not so much the amount of food and toys you give your pets, it’s the attention and care they receive that makes them well behaved and happy … and if they’re happy … you’re happy too!


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More about Dog Training and Obedience








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